The Sight and Sound exhibition stand at Sight Village Central 2023. Demonstrations of the Envision Glasses, Hable One and HIMS Senseplayer taking place.

Sight Village Central 2023 – Tim’s Experience

This is a guest post by Tim Dixon (a trustee) about his experience at Sight Village Central 2023.

I attended my first Sight Village Central 2023 in Birmingham in mid-July. I had a fantastic time meeting many people and exploring the new products available. Sight Village Central is an exhibition featuring organisations providing services and products to support the blind and low vision community. You can find out more about Sight Village Central on the Queen Alexander College website.

Sight Village Central 2023 Podcast Coverage

While at Sight Village I was interviewed by the Double Tap Podcast to provide my feedback on the event. Listen to the interview in Double Tap Sight Village Experiences episode. In the episode I shares my experience of trying the Ultra Cane and the capabilities of the ViewPlus tactile graphic embossers.

I went on to provide interviews with exhibitors at Sight Village to the Double Tap Podcast. The interviews featured in Double Tap Sight Village Day 1 Highlights episode and Double Tap Sight Village Day 2 Highlights episode. The interviews cover a range of exhibitors including VisionAid and Sight and Sound. A link to the full list of exhibitors featured.

Find out more about Exhibitors featured

I really enjoyed Sight Village Central 2023 abd getting my hands on the latest technology. While at the event I ordered an Hable One based on being able to get hands on with it at the event. I must confess to loving the hable one, it is helping me to move towards using voiceover more and reinforcing the braille I have learnt. My sight is deteriorating, and I really need to reduce the use of my sight when using technology, it isn’t good for me or my eyes. I am hopeful the Hable One will help me reduce my dependence on my eyes.

If you want to know more about Tim Dixon, you can find his blog at