Photo shows 2 men laughing together, one is sighted and one is visually impaired and they are attending the LLBS men's group.

About Us

Why we exist

To support and enable blind and sight impaired people to live the life they choose.

How we behave

With integrity and professionalism; we listen, adapt and learn, and give the greatest respect to our clients and each other.

What we do

LLBS is a leading provider of services for blind and sight impaired people throughout East and West Lindsey, Lincoln and North and North East Lincolnshire.

Our Sight Impairment Officers and 160 expert volunteers provide extensive services to enable and support any person who is blind or sight impaired to be as independent as possible and live the life they choose.

LLBS supports over 1500 people of all ages, life stages and circumstances.

LLBS is a local independent charity; it receives no government, local authority or statutory funding. 

LLBS works with other organisations to ensure they have a clear understanding of the needs of the blind and sight impaired community.