The Lincoln & Lindsey Blind Society are agents for the British Wireless for the Blind.

British Wireless provides free adapted audio equipment to registered or registerable blind people who receive an income-related benefit, anywhere in the UK.

Concerto 2 - The only CD, cassette, USB playback, DAB & FM portable digital radio of its kind created for people living with limited sight.

Opus - DAB/DAB+/FM RDS/Bluetooth portable digital radio.  With Bluetooth audio streaming from a smart device, USB recording and playback.

Play - An ultra-compact and portable DAB/FM radio by Roberts with 10 pre-sets, a headphone socket and built-in battery charger.  Not adapted.

Bumblebee - An easy to use app designed to unlock the digital world for people with any level of sight loss.  Content includes radio, podcasts, Talking Newspapers and audio books.

Solo - High quality USB Audio MP3 & WAV playback, USB stick bookmarking function with Bluetooth transmitter able to drive headphones and speaker.  Solo is ONLY available to purchase from BWBF Direct.