Image shows LLBS staff stood in the promotional trailer on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Society.


Fundraising supports our core services, we are a small independent local charity, with no constitutional connections with any other national or regional charity for the blind and we receive no government, local authority or statutory funding. Here are some ideas for fundraising activities. If you would like promotional items for your event please give us a call and let us know what event you are organising so we can advertise it on our social media channels.

Facebook Birthday Fundraiser

Use Facebook’s fundraising features to help raise money for LLBS on your birthday. Follow this link for details on how to set up your own fundraiser on Facebook

Sponsored Events

Whether it is a sponsored skydrive or a more peaceful sponsored walk – maybe you can set a target to walk 30 miles in a month? All money raised helps to continue providing services to our community. Download a LLBS sponsor form here:

Afternoon Tea

Hold an afternoon tea party at home or work, everyone loves cake!

Book Sale

Get all your friends and colleagues to bring in their old books, magazines, children’s books and set up a stall in your workplace or in your community.

Car Wash

Set up a community car wash in a car park or community area, just make sure you have somewhere to connect your hose pipe!

Plant Sale

Set up a stall and invite all your neighbours to donate excess plants, seedlings and garden produce, or sell them outside your gate with an honesty box.

Music Concert

Hold a concert of local bands or even a mini festival! You can invite local fast food vans, ice cream vans and bars to attend and ask for a donation from them as well.


Always a favourite at charity events, you can ask local businesses, friends, family and neighbours if they will donate a prize and hold a grand draw live online if you haven’t an event taking place to hold your raffle.

Car Boot Sale

Many local car boot sales allocate a few dates per year for a charity to host the event. As well as the takings from the sellers who pay to bring their car you can also provide refreshments such as drinks, bacon butties, cakes and biscuits for the sellers and buyers.


If you have a great idea please let us know! Or if you are having a fundraising event please email the details to and she can spread the work on social media and to everyone at LLBS!

Fundraising Donations Platform

To make it easier for friends and family to sponsor you share our fundraising site at Wonderful Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society |