A client and a befriender from LLBS sat on a sofa together talking to each other.

Our Services

How we Help

Life doesn’t stop after vision loss. LLBS works to develop solutions and strategies so you gain the confidence to live life independently and in the way you choose.

If you have recently been diagnosed with a visual impairment you probably have many questions and concerns. You may feel overwhelmed by the diagnosis and not sure what kinds of questions to ask.

However, you do not have to be registered with a sight impairment, or have a referral from doctor or optometrist; you, your family or friends can contact us for information or to arrange assistance.

Our expert and experienced Sight Impairment Officers will support you to modify your daily activities so you are able to continue to do what you want and love to do.


Advice and training to enable you get the most out of life.

Technology and aids such as magnifiers, correct lighting or screen reading technology to assist you to stay organised, keep in touch, get things done, browse the internet, relax with a book and more.

Advice on technology for smart phones, tablets, Synapptic software, etc by our IT volunteers.

Befriending Service; volunteers may visit you in your own home or call you on the telephone to provide companionship, advice and support.

Household devices and gadgets for the home.

Information on Voice activated lights, TVs and other SMART home technology.

Support to develop your confidence and gain the skills to get out and about safely and independently.

Social groups and activities to support you to continue or find a new hobby, interest or sport.

Support and advice to prepare for, gain and stay in meaningful employment.

Learning to access information such as audio, text or large print.

Talking Books available through the RNIB

Talking Newspapers – Louth Leader, Skegness Standard, Gainsborough Standard and Lincolnshire Echo

Eye Clinic support at Lincoln, Scunthorpe and Skegness.