A smiling woman wearing dark glasses sat outside at a table with various gadgets in front of her.

The Difference We Make

“When I lost my sight it hit me like a ton of bricks. I don’t know what I would have done without the Society. With their help I’ve got some of my life back.”Emma

How Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society makes a lasting difference……

Sight Impairment Officers and volunteers visit people with a visual impairment at home.

The emphasis of their work is firmly based upon enabling people to maintain and increase their independence, so they can choose for themselves how to live their life.

John, who recently lost his sight, told us that there were so many things he struggled with or just could not do any more, that he felt frustrated and bad tempered and boredom was a real problem.

The Sight Impairment Officer got him equipment including a big button phone with all important numbers on speed dial and lent him a specialised USB sonic player. She helped him claim all the Welfare Benefits he was entitled to but knew nothing about, and he got a Blue Badge. This all helped him feel more secure and confident.

John’s wife Helen was pretending to her family that everything was OK, as she didn’t want to burden them with her problems, but she had lost all her confidence and self-esteem.

The Society referred her for befriending, sorted out a Carers Grant and other Benefits and both were introduced to Clubs and Social groups. After Helen took a refresher driving course, they bought an automatic car and are much happier now they can get out again. 

John said: “Nothing, nothing, nothing will ever prepare you for not being able to see. It’s as simple as that. The worst of all was not being able to read any more. The talking books and papers have helped me feel at least I’m getting some of my life back. I’m learning to use an iPad too which is great.

The equipment I’ve got now, and that I never knew existed, has help me with my independence which I was losing. I’m more accepting of the situation and I’m talking far more to my wife, and we’re enjoying getting out and about together again.”

Helen said; “My life has totally changed, everything happened so quickly with so many people ringing and visiting and they all seem really understanding of the situation. The experience has given us answers to all our needs, I didn’t know where to turn or what to do but the door to a new life has opened.”