Volunteers work with us to help visually impaired people lead full and independent lives.

Volunteers receive on-going support, guidance and training and can take on a range of roles, from helping at Social Groups and Clubs and Befriending, helping at Eye Clinics, or with administration, fundraising, IT support or as a Trustee.

” I have to say I was worried about the training and what it would be like to work with visually impaired people. But I really enjoyed it, and then I helped at an archery event which was a great day. I would do it again anytime.”

 “I became a Trustee shortly after losing my sight, and it has opened my eyes to the many challenges the Society faces in the future, especially regarding funding and services. As a Trustee I listen and offer constructive criticism and praise where it’s due. As a group our differing life experiences and skills help steer the future of the Society.

Personally I have discovered that being blind is not life restricting, I have become involved in so many other activities my life has expanded.”